Friday, February 6, 2009
1. i HAVE 3 jobs! [ the gap (visual specialist) juicy couture (sales rep.) rocawear (intern) $$$$.
2. i am NOT black, i'm a mixed pretty ass HAiTiAN! mwahs!
3. i love water AND i am a under age achly =)
4. Leigh Sunshine Brant is MY WIFEY & EVERYONE knows that. no sharing
5. always been skinny SINCE the age of 2 (was born 11 pounds :])
6. you'll NEVER catch me drinking a regular soda. ALWAYS MIXED k?thanks
7. i can EATTTTTTTTTTTTTT mad FOOD for dayssss(and gain nothing)
8. i <3 to walk, BUT im afraid of the highway! =x
9. Jason Cole is the bestER know's me better than ANY0NE & we both know how LARGE we living in the mist of time..
10. PVT Rajaan Larue Bey is my first love AND im am his.(61306)
11. ugh. my breast ARE a size 38D =)
11. purple is my favorite color, but i look good in ANY color.
12. i HAVE my associates degree in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Managment.
13. Tajh Harvey is my longest term best friend. lol
14. i live in New Jersey BUT reside in New York.
15. SPOILED ASS + highest maintenance + BLUNT = DONT CAREE
16. Alisa and Roshell are MY main bad btchss<3
17. I went to Elizabeth High School & hated 3 years
18. i UPGRADE my phone more than anyone i know, and you know!
19. Ruth Jennifer is MY NAME (everyone is like, who's ruth & who's jennifer)
20. i will pick reggae/dancehall OVER the american bullshit! ATTITUDE GAL!!!
21. i CURSE wayyy too much!
22. pit is named DADDY
23. my daughter NAME will be iLEYSA ZORA
24. truth be told, I AM A undercover freak(lol)
25. Aaron KNOWS* the real me.
26. Domond Family is BIGGER THAN ANYYYY FAMILY !
27. i LOVE myself!!!
28. i'll have my BACHLORS by TWENTY ONE!!!!
29. i COLLECTED dunks AND jordans thru out all 4years of high school.(now im stuck to shoes)
30. only have ABOUT 5 good friends.
31. i LOVE Felicia Grandison's family!!!
32. i have a accent that i cant HEAR.
33. Enante & Rachelle & Etzer been there since DAY 1 & im 19 NOW!
34. my father's mother is 6'0 and so cuteee
35. LEO is the BESTTTT SIGN!!
36. im the GIRLwho's sister nehemie breast are big as hell and she thick as hellllll .. lmao
37. i like to challange MYSELF
38. i KNOW how to have a good time by myself.
39. i CAN fight & will ALWAYS get the LAST word in.
40. i interned for DPRC
41. my first crush might have been pascal :)
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