Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hola guy's ; i apoligize i havent been around in the longest ; back in school and TWO job's; on my grind heavy!! Umm, alots been going on in my life, im really blessed the way things been looking. Some in and outs, but nothing i cant handle..
-- time for an update* --

School ; classes are getting harder lol, time for midterms, 3 more weeks left until I'm officially done with school :) (thank God).

My Money; OWWWWW!! lol, i love money .

The Gap is cool, i've been there for about 2 in a half months now, so its cool.. so busy and crazy in there.. they updated my stat to a visual specialist which is great.

random ridiculousness;everyone in there is pregnant lmao dead ass all the female managers and sales associates.. smh its something in that water i never EVER drink!!

gap picture uploading ...

AND im at Juicy Couture :) i love it there, the girls is cool.. but you know how i do.. lol.

$$$ on my mind.

Happy 18th Birthday to my baby sister Cherry :)

Finally man, watched this chick grow into a beautiful young mother, amazing how time files.. :) ily sugaa!

So i stopped by my cousin Ni'asia bloggspot and seen she posted a few polyvore's and remembered when I used to do my little outfits, gotta get back on them when i have time. Here's a few I did i still love.

about to go to a diner --- bbl, toodles bishesss. <3
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