Tuesday, February 24, 2009
heyyy lovely bloggerrrssssss.

i knowww, its been a min. but i've been busting my ass with these jobs. saving up for my baby i will be getting before the summer <3 yess!

07'Nissan Murano

OR the

07' GMC Acadia

something about this type of car that drive me crazyyyy :)

anywho ; everything is greatttt.
graduation was last tuesday (2/17/09) got my associates in Fashion Merchandising :)
supper exciteddd..[and mimi got her's in medical] and yesss, i will going back to school this summer for my bachlors in Fashion Merch. starting as a junior so in 011` i will be graduating with my BA :) --- AOW! so excited..

Thank God for everything thus far everything is good. no kids lol. living it. plaing to go to miami, va and haiti this summer ; really need a vaca!!! ughh . . .
booloving? ughh ; no comment.

being a visual specialist at the gap, is HARD! lol i love whati do but its so much work ; i really want to do corp. where i can visit differnert stores and so one ; but not for gap something else ; but i'm in no rush ; the experince is so good :) .. i love my partner Ana ; she's the best .. i'll post pictures soon of some of my work i done in the windows and inside of the store ..

tmrw s def. pay day ; gotta get them bills first but me and bestie Jasome are so going shopping very soon :)

so i was browsing the net as usual, cute peicess that caught my eye, thought i might share;

very cute spring/summer dress i'd def rock :) i love dresses like these.. and the colors are so great !

hot shoe's (f21)

and matching bagg (f21) <3

uhhhh im sooo beat gotta work at 9:30AM..

toodlesss <3
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