Friday, March 27, 2009
Hey, I know long time -- been real busy but hey im here lol ..

So, Beyonce and her peoples are trying to accuse Ciara and em' a little swag jackin`. I can’t get why this is going on ; beef with the ladies now days but ; Ciara def. on her Sasha shit lol..

eye candy.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009
holaaa, so i been sick for a week and a few days now (sighs).. im not a person to call out of work ; but i did this morning =x ; really didnt want to but i was not feeling it at all ; my throat ; my back; stuffy nose .. ughh went to the docs today and she told me my tonsils are swollen ; gave me all type of med. to take ; smh.. whatever ; if i have to take em out (really dont want too) ; BUT more ice cream for meeee :) ..

i stopped in walmart & the book store in the plaza with papi, grabbed a few things ..

[btw my tmobile behold took this shot ; clear eh? right!

1. The Wendy Williams EXPERiENCE! (sort of excited to read this one)
2. Life&Style (weekly)
3. Natural I-Lashes
4. Ambi - Foaming Cleanser
5. Ambi - Enhancing Moisture Cream
6. Ambi - Fade Cream (oily skin =x ugh)
7. Life Savers - Wint O Green :) the best!

couple of things i ordered online earlier in bed ..

Strapless Floral Party Dress

Short Linen Skirt

Thick Cabled Cardigan

thats about it ; i'll be in the store tmrw :)
havent been blogging alot lately but im trying to get back on top; been reading a few blogs. some are awsome and some are .... whatever.. hope to read more good ones.

if you havent subscribed to follow my blogg ; def. do today :)

toodles love <3
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
heyyy lovely bloggerrrssssss.

i knowww, its been a min. but i've been busting my ass with these jobs. saving up for my baby i will be getting before the summer <3 yess!

07'Nissan Murano

OR the

07' GMC Acadia

something about this type of car that drive me crazyyyy :)

anywho ; everything is greatttt.
graduation was last tuesday (2/17/09) got my associates in Fashion Merchandising :)
supper exciteddd..[and mimi got her's in medical] and yesss, i will going back to school this summer for my bachlors in Fashion Merch. starting as a junior so in 011` i will be graduating with my BA :) --- AOW! so excited..

Thank God for everything thus far everything is good. no kids lol. living it. plaing to go to miami, va and haiti this summer ; really need a vaca!!! ughh . . .
booloving? ughh ; no comment.

being a visual specialist at the gap, is HARD! lol i love whati do but its so much work ; i really want to do corp. where i can visit differnert stores and so one ; but not for gap something else ; but i'm in no rush ; the experince is so good :) .. i love my partner Ana ; she's the best .. i'll post pictures soon of some of my work i done in the windows and inside of the store ..

tmrw s def. pay day ; gotta get them bills first but me and bestie Jasome are so going shopping very soon :)

so i was browsing the net as usual, cute peicess that caught my eye, thought i might share;

very cute spring/summer dress i'd def rock :) i love dresses like these.. and the colors are so great !

hot shoe's (f21)

and matching bagg (f21) <3

uhhhh im sooo beat gotta work at 9:30AM..

toodlesss <3
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Friday, February 6, 2009
1. i HAVE 3 jobs! [ the gap (visual specialist) juicy couture (sales rep.) rocawear (intern) $$$$.
2. i am NOT black, i'm a mixed pretty ass HAiTiAN! mwahs!
3. i love water AND i am a under age achly =)
4. Leigh Sunshine Brant is MY WIFEY & EVERYONE knows that. no sharing
5. always been skinny SINCE the age of 2 (was born 11 pounds :])
6. you'll NEVER catch me drinking a regular soda. ALWAYS MIXED k?thanks
7. i can EATTTTTTTTTTTTTT mad FOOD for dayssss(and gain nothing)
8. i <3 to walk, BUT im afraid of the highway! =x
9. Jason Cole is the bestER know's me better than ANY0NE & we both know how LARGE we living in the mist of time..
10. PVT Rajaan Larue Bey is my first love AND im am his.(61306)
11. ugh. my breast ARE a size 38D =)
11. purple is my favorite color, but i look good in ANY color.
12. i HAVE my associates degree in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Managment.
13. Tajh Harvey is my longest term best friend. lol
14. i live in New Jersey BUT reside in New York.
15. SPOILED ASS + highest maintenance + BLUNT = DONT CAREE
16. Alisa and Roshell are MY main bad btchss<3
17. I went to Elizabeth High School & hated 3 years
18. i UPGRADE my phone more than anyone i know, and you know!
19. Ruth Jennifer is MY NAME (everyone is like, who's ruth & who's jennifer)
20. i will pick reggae/dancehall OVER the american bullshit! ATTITUDE GAL!!!
21. i CURSE wayyy too much!
22. pit is named DADDY
23. my daughter NAME will be iLEYSA ZORA
24. truth be told, I AM A undercover freak(lol)
25. Aaron KNOWS* the real me.
26. Domond Family is BIGGER THAN ANYYYY FAMILY !
27. i LOVE myself!!!
28. i'll have my BACHLORS by TWENTY ONE!!!!
29. i COLLECTED dunks AND jordans thru out all 4years of high school.(now im stuck to shoes)
30. only have ABOUT 5 good friends.
31. i LOVE Felicia Grandison's family!!!
32. i have a accent that i cant HEAR.
33. Enante & Rachelle & Etzer been there since DAY 1 & im 19 NOW!
34. my father's mother is 6'0 and so cuteee
35. LEO is the BESTTTT SIGN!!
36. im the GIRLwho's sister nehemie breast are big as hell and she thick as hellllll .. lmao
37. i like to challange MYSELF
38. i KNOW how to have a good time by myself.
39. i CAN fight & will ALWAYS get the LAST word in.
40. i interned for DPRC
41. my first crush might have been pascal :)
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Friday, January 9, 2009
eyyyy guysss ;] --- long time eh? yeah i've been so freaking busy dont even understand.
*update--- working the two jobs is fun fun caughe of my mula :) but a btch is seriously tired .lol.. its cool tho we had a HUGE sale at Juicy 40% off the ENTIRE STORE from like Dec.17th-Jan.5th ; the store was odee cleared out ; lines was to the back. remind you our store is PRETTY SMALL ! so we had a line to come inside wish had people tight as hell (lmao) - people try to come in i'd be like " Sorry theres a line to come in we're over or max " and point towards the line (which will be way back towards Bebe for the ones who know Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall) lol. O WELL .. but its over now and we're getting better shipment cute charmsssss (i will soon finish mine thank God, to find the one that fit ME alone!)BUT YEAH OTHER WIZE THAT : ITS GRAVY IN THERE.. The Gap, smh -- CRAZY AS Alwaysssss ; i aint got nothing to say about that store.. lol. We got madd sales tho :) lol..

My New Year was brought up in church. alot has happened in 08` ; needed to wash away my sins. and bring in 09' on the right foot (which started pretty well) .. So i'm blessed to see the new year. MANY deaths in 2O08 of family and friends whom i know is watching after me. =/ So i am very very blessed..

TWO More months until Saraiyah arivesssss. feel like we've been waiting forever. she's going to be suchhhhhhhhhh a badd butt :) my stinkydoodleeeeee..

Mami, Nehemie Stefi and Shood's birthday is coming up the 14th-20th-21st-23rd
Lord know's what i have planned and are giving. Mami's already set. she's going to the spa for the day getting the whole nine that left a huge whole in my pocket. but why not, thats is my mami :)

Uhhh .. so what else.. looking for a fulltime in the city or any of the boroughs cause im about to stay in brooklyn for good.. finally!!!

How are the the guys? lol -- its 09` its my time . MWAHS!

After that everything is gooooddddd ..

oh waittt.. STRIPPERS make serious $$$$$$$$ i went to a strip club had a fucking blasttttt .. but them fucking btchs make hellaaaa moneyy ; i'd do it for a week just to pay blls lmaoooo .. NOT! [ well maybeee lol ]

UGHHH.. im watching the news its over 450,000 pple without jobs. and they havent seen people collecting unemployyent like this since fucking WWII.. a damn shame..
"it can only get worse before it gets better" but dagg son.. thats odeee. and shit is sooo expensive. btw gas in going back UP in the summer .. SMH .. God Bless us all ..


I have so many pictures to post of events and shit but you know btchs get lazy of uploading so i'll post a few for the viewers like you :)

Summer 07` first cut EVER

Winter 09` - Grown and Sexy shittt. ow!!!

look in the back mirror to see my cute cut :)


well guyssss.. ima go shop online :) ciao btchsss :)
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hola guy's ; i apoligize i havent been around in the longest ; back in school and TWO job's; on my grind heavy!! Umm, alots been going on in my life, im really blessed the way things been looking. Some in and outs, but nothing i cant handle..
-- time for an update* --

School ; classes are getting harder lol, time for midterms, 3 more weeks left until I'm officially done with school :) (thank God).

My Money; OWWWWW!! lol, i love money .

The Gap is cool, i've been there for about 2 in a half months now, so its cool.. so busy and crazy in there.. they updated my stat to a visual specialist which is great.

random ridiculousness;everyone in there is pregnant lmao dead ass all the female managers and sales associates.. smh its something in that water i never EVER drink!!

gap picture uploading ...

AND im at Juicy Couture :) i love it there, the girls is cool.. but you know how i do.. lol.

$$$ on my mind.

Happy 18th Birthday to my baby sister Cherry :)

Finally man, watched this chick grow into a beautiful young mother, amazing how time files.. :) ily sugaa!

So i stopped by my cousin Ni'asia bloggspot and seen she posted a few polyvore's and remembered when I used to do my little outfits, gotta get back on them when i have time. Here's a few I did i still love.

about to go to a diner --- bbl, toodles bishesss. <3
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Friday, October 24, 2008
Afternoon lovelyyyyysssss,

Hard working 4 months ever internship/job at Rocawear Co. & I loved every minute of it. Met/Networked with so many people in the industry, seen and heard so many thing's i'd never expected. Everything i love and have a passion about in this industry. I will be going back to school monday for the next 2months, and i will be done [ Thank You God ] and I'll be back in december to start a job at Rocawear.(or maybe somewhere else that might interest me) =)
Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce(btw she wants to change her name to that) gained 15 pounds for the movie "Cadillac Records" playing the role of Etta James..
and she looks like this ..

Personally, I dont think she look crap like Ms. Etta James <333

SMH- looks more like Bey's moms i have to add .. yes? or no?

Style, Life and Fashion.

Miss Lopez was snapped alongside Karl Lagerfeld at the 25th Annual Night of Stars event at CIPRIANI Wall Street in NYC.

Looks likes she’s back for her Queen of the Red Carpet Crown.

I love and approve of what the Baby Hair / Lace Front wigs, does to you. Lil’ Kim looks dam good in this pic above. AMEN sister AMEN! its yours if you paid hell of $$$ for it. lol

I've and limewire this CD and i am so in love with him. He's fucking amazing man! Musiq’s album will hit stores on December 9th. Make sure you pick up your copy!


Nike Blazer; Barack Obama Customs

Its seems like everywhere i turn its Barack Obama this, Barack that. Whether it be good, bad, this guy is all over the news. More so then his opponent John McCain (smh). A lot of you were loving the Barack Obama Shoes we have showed you in the past so its only right we bring you yet another Barack Obama custom sneaker.
Its crazy, yet wonderful!

Happy Birthday Jennifer aka NiNiFace =) she's 21.. woot woot! mwahs<3

party like a rock star mama!

well, im looking fwd for my weekend. spending it w| my hubby.. tata btchss.

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