Friday, October 24, 2008
Afternoon lovelyyyyysssss,

Hard working 4 months ever internship/job at Rocawear Co. & I loved every minute of it. Met/Networked with so many people in the industry, seen and heard so many thing's i'd never expected. Everything i love and have a passion about in this industry. I will be going back to school monday for the next 2months, and i will be done [ Thank You God ] and I'll be back in december to start a job at Rocawear.(or maybe somewhere else that might interest me) =)
Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce(btw she wants to change her name to that) gained 15 pounds for the movie "Cadillac Records" playing the role of Etta James..
and she looks like this ..

Personally, I dont think she look crap like Ms. Etta James <333

SMH- looks more like Bey's moms i have to add .. yes? or no?

Style, Life and Fashion.

Miss Lopez was snapped alongside Karl Lagerfeld at the 25th Annual Night of Stars event at CIPRIANI Wall Street in NYC.

Looks likes she’s back for her Queen of the Red Carpet Crown.

I love and approve of what the Baby Hair / Lace Front wigs, does to you. Lil’ Kim looks dam good in this pic above. AMEN sister AMEN! its yours if you paid hell of $$$ for it. lol

I've and limewire this CD and i am so in love with him. He's fucking amazing man! Musiq’s album will hit stores on December 9th. Make sure you pick up your copy!


Nike Blazer; Barack Obama Customs

Its seems like everywhere i turn its Barack Obama this, Barack that. Whether it be good, bad, this guy is all over the news. More so then his opponent John McCain (smh). A lot of you were loving the Barack Obama Shoes we have showed you in the past so its only right we bring you yet another Barack Obama custom sneaker.
Its crazy, yet wonderful!

Happy Birthday Jennifer aka NiNiFace =) she's 21.. woot woot! mwahs<3

party like a rock star mama!

well, im looking fwd for my weekend. spending it w| my hubby.. tata btchss.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Morning Sexy.
Finally a new picture for the fall. i've slacked, but im back, and still with it :)

hola guys,
i've been massivly busy, but im back to update you folks. my weekend, was good saturday i worked, then me and hubby caught the late night movie [ Quarintine ] - it was good, i loveee scarey movies, but im not the best person so sit next too lol. =) sunday, no work = family day with my mom and older sisters neice and nephew and neice/nephew to be =) ..

have us doing alot at work, the pop up shop truck, is literally a big ass truck going to differnt states and citys [also colleges] selling clothes and Jay-z will be performing. So look out, it might be in a city/state near you.

Ordered clothes w| Micky for mee.
Lunch Date w| Hubby 61306. [spoiled moi ]
He came to ny, surprised me at work and went to eat, then stopped by to scoop Mimi, then they went to the mall .. everyone at work was like, "ohh he is just gorgous" lol. even caught Micky (Jay's sis) looking at him lol. i love my daddy =)

here until 4. then the gap 6-11. bummer.. then stoppig at hubbys. =)



Hubby & My Neice De'Yani. Summer 08`.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jim Jones:
“No one on the corner got swag like you we don’t Rocawear that’s for fags like you.”

Jim Jones Rapping To Some Lyrics Dissing Rocawear & Jay-Z! "Jackin My Splash. Jackin My Splash"

So, Jim has nothing to do on his better time, but diss alot of the rappers, that are doing better than him. When was the last time he put a video out? How many songs have Jay-z put out in the last 3 months?! Yeah thanks! And he's still dissing Nas now adays?!?! My GOSHHHH Jimmy!! .lol ... Not only because I work for Rocawear i feel some type of way and know Jay, but its real PETTY!

My friend Joe over at Complex recently sat down with the Capo and got some info on the remake of “Swagger Like Us” that he’s doing with Wayne, Juelz and Chink Santana. He also speaks on the original and what he perceives as a lack of swag on the part of some of the MC’s who spit on it.


lets get it together man.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Alright, so I graduated from Elizabeth High School, Class of 2007 [woot-woot :)]
Ive been to many showcase/prom-a-nade's in the New Jersey area and ive seen the worst dresses ever[!!!!!!!], like the ones with HOODS! Which isnt called for at all when you go to prom, you do not wear a hoodieeeee ! Ugh, Goshh.

Prime Example ;

Mel B at the Mobo Awards in London wearing an interesting choice of BULLCRAP!

not to mention, she's beautiful, but why do that to yourself ..

sighs, the world could only get crazier...

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My Favorite Director/Actor/Writer Tyler Perry threw a big bash to celebrate the opening of his Tyler Perry Studios and stars like Oprah and Will Smith came out to show their support. When stars of that caliber start coming to your events, it is most likely a sign that you have “made it”, as they say and i aint even mad at you Tyler. Do your thing.

more pictures of the event..

such a beautiful choice of place..

If you havent seen none of his plays, your def. missing out ..
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Hey guys, whats up?! Im an everyday 24/7 blog reader (literally), so i decided to make my own .. Im in the industry so why the hell not ..

So this morning Im at work and im talking with oneof the girls in production, not alot of people heard but SUPPOSLY, Rihanna has something for "Kanye West", which i believe is a lie!! But than again, you never knowwwwwww. (lol) But seriously, personally, Kanyes too deep for RiRi and she's an amazonian, tall for him.

They've often been snapped snuggling, but Rihanna and Chris Brown "claim" that they're just close friends. Well, there may be a reason for that !? The Barbadian beauty was spotted cuddling Kanye West backstage at a T.I. concert at the Key Club in Hollywood on Oct. 3.

"Rihanna and Kanye hung out together after they performed their songs," says an insider.

"Rihanna was sitting on Kanye's lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other." Adds the source, "People were shocked. After a while, Rihanna must have realized people were watching, because she had her security escort her back to the dressing room."

Do you think Rihanna should drop Chris for Kanye? Do you like Rihanna and Chris together? Tell me what you think.

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